• Unified Marketing for Higher Education

    With Zoho Marketing Plus, Higher Ed institutions can unify and manage all their marketing efforts in one place. This all-in-one marketing software helps increase ROI and optimize team productivity. Try it today!

The Unified Marketing Platform for Higher Ed Marketing Teams

Built for teams of all sizes, Zoho Marketing Plus unifies all your marketing activities on one platform. 

Engage your audience across multiple channels, increase the ROI of your marketing spend, and optimize your team productivity.

Marketing isn't just about presenting a single message on a single channel; it's about setting up coordinated marketing efforts across multiple channels to get maximum reach for your brand. That kind of unified messaging requires a unified marketing platform. Drive engagement at every student touchpoint and manage your unique marketing process confidently with Marketing Plus.

Keep Your Team Aligned

Modern, high-impact marketing campaigns require coordinated team efforts, as you simultaneously manage multiple channels, different messaging, marketing collateral, industry reviews, and more. Marketing Plus brings your team together, by giving the right access to the right marketer, enabling teams to collaborate seamlessly.

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Optimise Your Multichannel Marketing

Spread your message across every channel your students are on. With support for emails, SMS, webinars, events, surveys, social media, and presentations, your marketing team can plan and execute any type of campaign they want, all from within a single powerful marketing platform.