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Student Development and Support

Our world-class student support and development platform offers academic institutions the required support and guidance in moving their teaching and learning activities to the cloud. This service provides a "managed service" offering for small- and emerging institutions wanting to offer their students a first-class experience.

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What's Included for Students

Offer students a comprehensive student support and development platform that suits your strategy and budget.

Minimum of 20 Students Required per Cohort.

 Bronze Silver Gold
Admission and Registration Assistance 😁  😁  😁
 Online Learning Platform Access  😁  😁  😁
 Online Storage for Portfolio of Evidence  😁  😁  😁
 Vendor Coordination and Support  😁  😁  😁
 Student Helpdesk  😁  😁  😁
Facilitated Research Requests  😁  😁
 Guest Lectures  😁  😁
Subject Specific Resources, Textbooks  😁  😁
 Monthly Student Webinars  😁 😁
 Monthly Progress and Planning Sessions  😁
 Personalised and branded communication and announcements  😁
 Discounted Student Textbooks  😁
 Dedicated Student Support Coordinator  😁
 Comprehensive Analytics and Reports  😁

How does it work?

Training institutions and companies can save costs by passing certain administrative fees to students. This ensures that companies or providers with limited resources have access to a platform with add-on services that can be managed by your own administrators or by one of our experienced consultants.

What's Included
What's Excluded
What's Included

Depending on your preferred service level all student-facing activities are included as indicated in the schedule above in accordance with our Annual Rate Card

A Once-off Activation Fee is payable along with a Monthly Subscription Fee or Service Level Agreement depending on the service level includes the following for a period of 12 months:

  • A Dedicated Account Manager
  • Your branding (including one annual brand update) on the platform and each respective programme/course page
  • Email or telephonic support
  • Online Meeting in accordance with your service level
  • Reporting and analytics

Any additional or ad-hoc services will be rendered in accordance with our rate card on a time- and materials basis. No exceptions!
What's Excluded

Each activity listed has a defined scope and does not include the following items or services which are for the clients/ institutions expense:

  • Material development and updates
  • The design and/or development of any policies and/or procedures
  • Graphic design on online development services
  • Planning, setup and design of Online Platforms
  • Monthly contact sessions and/or webinars.
  • Facilitation or Coordination Services: This includes planning, presenting, facilitating or hosting any scheduled classes, lessons, conferences, events and webinars. These are based on Time-and Materials in accordance with our Annual Rate Card.
  • Software and platform costs or license renewals.