• Automate student engagement and increase value with chatbots

    Lend your team a helping hand and drive deeper student engagement with Zoho SalesIQ's enterprise-ready chatbot platform, Zobot.

Reach every applicant or student with chatbots

Easily create chatbots to automate routine interactions. Lend your team a helping hand using Zoho SalesIQ's enterprise-ready bot platform, Zobot.

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Codeless Bots

You don't need to be a coding wizard to build a bot. Our codeless bot builder has an intuitive UI, so all you have to do is create a flow and type in your bot responses and actions. Then you're all set!

Answer Bots

Introducing Answer Bot—an NLP-driven chatbot that uses our own AI technology, Zia, to understand common customer queries and answer them using your resource library. You can also add a library of small talk responses to make your bot more personable and include terms specific to your business to help the bot understand industry jargon.

Custom bots

If you're a coder who likes to get deep into your bot's brain, Zobot also has a programming interface that gives you full control over the chatbot's behavior. You can also power your bots with AI technologies like IBM Watson, Dialogflow, and Zia Skills, or connect it to your internal bot service and databases using our webhooks.

Zoho Chatbots

Build a conversational chatbot without any coding

You can now create a fully functional chatbot without writing a single line of code.
With our codeless bot builder, all you need to do is create a flow for your chatbot using our drag-and-drop interface and type in your bot responses.

Give your visitors the 
answers they need

Sure, self-service articles reduce your load, but why make prospects forage through articles for information when a smart AI chatbot can do the work for them?

Introducing Answer Bot—an NLP-driven chatbot that uses Zoho's own AI technology, Zia, to understand common customer queries and answer them using your resource library.
Unanswered Questions (UAQs)
Small Talk
Business Terms


Compose documents like complete product specifications, company policies, and detailed instructions that your AI chatbot can suggest to your visitors.

Articles in Zobot
FAQs for Zobot


Provide responses to common questions that the Answer Bot can use to directly answer visitor queries.

Unanswered Questions (UAQs)

Unanswered Questions (UAQs)

Questions unanswered by the chatbot are automatically recorded along with the number of occurrences so your team can create resources for the most common ones.

UAQs in Zobot
Small Talk
Small Talk in Zobot

Take the artificial out of AI with Small Talk

Give your AI chatbot a human touch by adding a library of engaging phrases to facilitate friendly interaction with customers.

Business Terms

Get your bot closer to your business with Business Terms

Equip your AI chatbot with terms that are related to your domain and business, along with alternates, so it's well-trained to respond when customers use industry-related jargon.

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Plug your bot with your AI technology of choice

Zobot also includes an interface that allows you to power bots with AI technology you may already be using like 

IBM Watson, Dialogflow, Microsoft Azure, and Zia Skills.

AI Technology Stack