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Offering world-class infrastructure and delivering on the student support requirements in the South-African education sector is expensive and often requires large upfront costs for assets that are not only costly to maintain. Remaining compliant with the prescriptions of the quality councils and ensuring your infrastructure and student resources are not only adequate but managed by a world-class technology partner will offer you the ability to enhance your student- and faculty experience in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

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Cloud Services

We can help you to run your business applications and hardware on the cloud. Provide secure, dynamic access to all your applications across multiple campuses. 

Document Management 

Seamlessly integrate cloud-based digital services with your in-house ERP solutions and benefit from cost- and time savings. Don't change the systems you've already invested in and enhance campus connectivity.

Communication Services

Communication Services

Enhance student communication across multiple devices on a single number. PABX, mobile, video conferencing, data calling... whatever works for your institution to get the message across.

Mobility Services

Mobility Services

Move towards a truly mobile campus where Teaching and Learning and campus administration happens on the move. We can assist with digital transformation and the move to the smart campus.

Security Services

Security Services

Focus on security and compliance across all aspects of your institution so that you are more prepared for disaster recovery, business continuity as well as monitoring and evaluation and assessment security solutions.

Finance Solutions

Finance Solutions

Flexible, affordable and accessible financing for all your campus- and asset financing needs. One point of contact and a dynamic team to assist you in structuring a deal and completing all the admin, assuring you of a simple, hassle free experience.

Flexible Rental Options

Flexible, affordable and easy to access by emerging- and growing education institutions.

Service That Delivers

Our managed service partner is invested in creating an unbeatable experience.

One Contact Point

No need to approach finance houses that do not understand the unique needs of education providers.

Simple Process

A dedicated team assists you in structuring a deal to match your institutional requirements & budget.

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