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    Build and organise your knowledge repository, create learning materials, and track progress—all in a single platform.

A home for your online courses and knowledge

Zoho Learn is a complete knowledge and learning management platform that helps you manage online courses and programmes,

build training programmes, and measure the results of learning.

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Give your students a complete resource library

Centralise your knowledge and give structure to your content. Build dedicated spaces for users, organise information into manuals, and create knowledge-building articles under them.

Knowledge Sharing

Make knowledge-sharing a part of your routine

Share knowledge and empower your learners with valuable information. Add users to your knowledge base and control access with different access privileges.

Create effective learning programmes

Tailor your learning programs to the needs of your learners. Build courses and organize learning content quickly with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Upload videos, images, and other lesson resources to build multimedia courses.

Assess progress with knowledge checks

Test your learners' skills and knowledge. Check their understanding of your lessons by adding quizzes and assignments to your courses.

Make the most of your learning

Student Experience Management offers a variety of Learning Management Platforms depending on the requirements of our clients in the corporate or education sectors. Speak to one of our experience consultants today to discuss your unique requirements.

Article Templates

Build from predefined templates instead of creating articles from scratch.


Revisit previous versions of your articles to compare and track changes

Internal Commenting

Share feedback on articles with comments, @mention other users, and reply to conversations.

Discussion Boards

Promote social learning through lesson-based discussion boards.

Drip Content

Set a schedule and release your course content in parts.

Categories and Tags

Group related content into categories. Tags provide an additional organisation to your content.

Activity Timelime

Get a timeline representation of activities within your hub.

Powerful Search

Retrieve relevant content quickly with Learn's powerful search tool.

Measure the Results of Your Training

Get a comprehensive overview of the courses you've created. Track your learners, monitor their progress, and analyse the effectiveness of your courses with our built-in reporting tools.