Interactive Data: Number of students enrolled in private HEIs by qualification type for 2017

16.04.19 05:12 PM

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In 2017, most students (34.5% or 63 928 of the total enrolment) were enrolled on programmes offered at the Bachelor’s degree level, followed closely by enrolments on programmes on the Diploma-360 credits level (29.5% or 54 568). The enrolment in the Higher Certificate levels was 27 249 or 14.7% of the total enrolment whilst enrolment for the Master’s degree was 7 411 or 4.0% of the total enrolment. Only 0.2% or 328 of the total enrolment were enrolled for the Doctoral degree. Table 4.6 further stipulate that 93.1% or 172 368 students enrolled for programmes lower than Honours degree, which is 9 out of every 10 students in PHEIs in 2017. There were no enrolments for programmes on the Master’s degree (Professional) and Doctoral degree (Professional).

Source: Annual report submitted by PHEIs to DHET for the 2017 year of reporting.

Note: The figures provided in the above table were audited.

Note: The qualification types are on NQF level 5 - 10