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Zoho Backstage Getting Started Guide

Almost before we knew it, we had left the ground. All their equipment and instruments are alive.Mist enveloped the ship three hours out from port. The spectacle before us was indeed sublime.A red flair silhouetted the jagged edge of a wing.

Learn More About Managing Events

Entering event details

Learn how to enter the basic event details like name, date, time, and venue into Backstage. See how to add a summary, a description, and social media handles for your event.

Designing an event site

Learn how to design a microsite for an event. You'll see how to work with visual elements like themes, logos, videos, images, sections, and headers. Learn how to upload images to a gallery, add accommodations, create your own custom sections in the microsite, and set a bookmark icon. See how to import languages into your microsite and reorder, hide, and delete imported languages.

Setting up an event agenda

Learn how to set up event agendas using Backstage. Discover how to schedule sessions, create multiple tracks for attendees, and how to add sessions before the session times have been finalized.

Sharing Event Microsites

Learn how to preview your microsite on desktop and mobile platforms, and how to share it with other members of your team, before hosting the microsite online.

Event tickets with Eventbrite

Learn how to configure tickets using Backstage and Eventbrite. See how to populate ticket details from Backstage into Eventbrite, configure ticket prices and types, and view how many tickets have been sold.

Publishing microsites

Once your event microsite has been previewed, learn how to publish it online. We'll show you how to make edits and republish to the live microsite. Learn how to unpublish when you want to remove a microsite from the internet.