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  • Solutions to Manage Programme Design and Development

    Proper conceptualisation and design of a programme are important first steps towards achieving high-quality educational provision. 

End-to-end Project Management for Programme Designers

The programme design and development process is typically governed through well-structured policies and procedures that ensure that the programme aligns to your institution’s mission and planning and is provided for in its resource allocation, is academically sound, takes the needs of students and other stakeholders into consideration, and articulates with other programmes, where possible. 

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Responsive Design

Milestones, task lists, and tasks help you plan and manage programme design into manageable units. Get more refined control by creating blueprints and automate your programme development workflow.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Programme design and development is now social! Employees, clients, subject-matter experts and reviewers from near and far can work together with our collaboration tools.

Keep track of time

Everyone working on the design, development and management of a programme can easily log their billable and non-billable hours using timesheets.

Track and fix issues fast

Log issues and track them as they get fixed and tested. Define custom workflows and business rules.

Document management

Make sure your team always has access to the latest version of all programme documents. Work together on module outlines, lesson plans, presentations, and spreadsheets using our online document tools.

Get in-depth insights

Gantt charts provide a detailed visual on the schedule and progress of your tasks. Record critical tasks, manage task relationships better with four dependency types, and set baselines to track deviations.

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