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Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management

The Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management is aimed at the development of managers who need to understand the importance of socio-economic transformation for South Africa.

Mode of Delivery


Credits and Level

Credits: 360

NQF Level: 7

Accredited Institution

The Da Vinci Institute

The Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management is specifically designed to afford prospective students an opportunity to realise their true potential by:

  • Preparing them to work effectively within a modern organisational environment
  • Providing them with personal development opportunities while they meet requirements within the business management domain
  • Emphasising the integration of systems, technology, innovation and people development concepts into individual performance within an organisation
  • Developing them to better understand the manager’s role within a socio-economic environment and improve their capacity to contribute towards managing a system.
The Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management is an undergraduate qualification that prepares future business leaders for the multi-faceted world of work. The Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management seeks to promote the development of knowledge, skills and capabilities required within varied management, administration and leadership contexts. The programme focuses on the business leadership discipline posited against the overarching field of business management and administration. This takes cognisance of the complex interrelationship of a number of elements that will contribute to, and enhance, sustainability of business ventures, including: the management of technology; the management of innovation; and, the management of people, within a systems thinking framework.

The programme is thus structured in such a way that it introduces individuals to the core competencies needed to identify and leverage business opportunities (including opportunities provided through social enterprises); and establish practices that will enhance the viability of ventures. These competencies will include the latest in local and global trends in business management, administration and leadership within a business and/or social enterprise environment.

Individuals who attain this qualification will be empowered to contribute to the personal, social and economic development of an organisation, a community and/or a country at large. The qualification is also directed towards prospective individuals who intend to take up junior and middle management positions within both private and public sector organisations and social enterprises.

The foundation of the curriculum is built on a combination of widely acknowledged Business Management disciplines (general Business Management, Financial Accounting, Economics, Business Research) with the option to develop a Business Leadership focus within a selected area of expertise (including Marketing Management, Retail Management, Risk-based Integrated Management, Project Management, Financial Services Management, Payroll Management, Supply Chain Management, Aviation Management, Innovation Management, Creativity Management).
Why enrol for this programme?
Students will enjoy the following benefits:
  • Modules are designed around the role of business management
  • Learning Interventions are aligned to emerging market realities and related strategies
  • Workshops are lectured by industry experts
  • A variety of assessment techniques are applied
  • Programme scheduling is flexible
  • Content promotes awareness of the benefits of being entrepreneurial.

More about the Da Vinci Institute

The Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management (Pty) Ltd (The Institute), situated in the serene suburb of Modderfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa is registered as a private higher education and distance learning provider under the Higher Education Act 1997, registration no. 2004/ HE07/003. The institute offers higher education qualifications accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and recorded on the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).