According to the Council on Higher Education’s document BrieflySpeaking published in February 2018, voluntary association in the private education sector is aligned to SAPHE, PHEIG and APPETD.

Many of the private higher institutions’ offerings span the higher education, TVET and occupational qualifications frameworks. There are two voluntary associations that represent them. The Association of Private Providers of Education, Training and Development (APPETD) is the older one and its membership is generally broader than higher education providers alone.

APPETD is a non-profit organisation that sets out to promote private higher education and to support and develop their members and to assist them with interactions with legislative authorities. Another group, that focuses on higher education only, has been working together for the past five years as the Private Higher Education Interest Group (PHEIG). It has recently been formalised as an association called SA Private Higher Education (SAPHE) . It lists among its aims, ‘to build public awareness of and trust in private higher education by addressing myths and misperceptions about the sector, to ultimately increase access to higher education. Additionally, the association will seek to ensure that there is a greater understanding by the general public of the qu ality study options available outside of public universities.’

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