The Council on Higher Education (CHE)‘s most recent BrieflySpeaking report, published in February 2018 indicates the size and scope of the Private Higher Education Sector in South Africa in accordance with the following statements.

Number of Institutions in the private sector

According to the CHE BrieflySpeaking Publication

The report indicates a sudden post-apartheid influx of private providers that essentially created a market of about 300 private providers. It references the introduction of regulations in 2002 as the reason for a rapid decline in this market to an average of 110 to 120 private providers during the last ten (10) years.

There have been on average 110 – 120 registered institutions operating at any one time in this period, with the vast majority of them being small, single campus institutions offering courses in particular niche areas, and only a few large, multi – campus or multi – brand establishments.

Number of Institutions by Field of Study, 2016

As published in the February 2018 edition of BrieflySpeaking, published by the Council on Higher Education (CHE)

The same report refers to the Scope of qualifications being offered in the private sector as small theological colleges, niche providers in the areas of beauty, design and hospitality and that the largest proportion are aligned to business and commerce and IT. It also refers to the lack of representation in what is deemed as “resource intensive areas”.

There are few providers in resource intensive areas such as science, engineering, medicine and health sciences.

Number of Institutions by Field of Study in 2016

Business and commerce related 74 Institutions
Theology 24 Institutions
Design and Creative Arts 35 Institutions
ICT 9 Institutions
Nursing and Medical 10 Institutions
Education 6 Institutions
Communication 4 Institutions
Other 22 Institutions

The source of the data in the table above is referenced as from HEQIS Database, extracted in February 2018. It also stipulates that “Other” includes fields such as Travel and Tourism, Beauty, Policing, Reflexology etc.