In it’s most recent publication “Briefly Speaking“, the Council on Higher Education (CHE) gave an overview of the changing private higher education market. This, according to the CHE is due to new players, both locally and internationally entering the market. It references the small size of the private higher education market in comparison to Brazil and Kenya and references a figure of 10% of student enrolments being generated in this sector. Below we have provided summaries of the Private Higher Education Landscape in South Africa referencing statistics and findings from this report.

Disparity in the Private Higher Education Sector

The CHE report states that the sector is not homogenous in three (3) aspect in that:

  1. The nature of the business of private providers differ in that some operate on a not-for-profit basis and others are enterprise driven
  2. Sizes of private providers are disparate
  3. Fields in which expertise or qualifications are offered differ from one provider to the next