Institutional Quality Management System

Development of an institutional quality management system with supporting policies and documents

An institutional Quality Management System (QMS) is the backbone of the strategic-, operational- and academic governance structures of private providers of education, training and development.

The system contains the structure, policies and processes as managed by various stakeholders within your institution and is also a key legislative requirement by the South African education regulatory bodies.

We can help

The Student Experience Management team can assist providers through the delivery and implementation of a Quality Assurance System tailored to your institution and resources.

The project duration is highly dependant on the available information, management buy-in as well as access to pertinent information at various levels of the institution.

Our service includes:

  1. The review and development of a complete suite of policies and process documentation
  2. One (1) day training workshop for support staff

The support team can also provide ongoing support and audits of existing QMS systems.