Education Lead Generation

Enhance student recruitment and retention

Enhance your education lead generation and student retention efforts by improving the user-friendliness and visibility of your education and training website. It is important to create a student journey that starts before a prospective student even arrives on your website.

We help you develop an omni-channel digital strategy that helps prospective students and parents find your courses and institution.

How we can help

Our team can help you:

  1. Plan lead generation efforts for each faculty, programme or short-course
  2. Evaluate your existing lead sources and help identify new ones linked to strategic focus areas
  3. Enhance strategies for pay-per-click, search engine optimisation, email, mobile and social media marketing
  4. Create fun and user-friendly landing pages on your site and relevant social media platforms and measure results in your student relationship management system
  5. Increase leads from mobile visitors

Reduce your cost of sale:

  • Identifying the most effective marketing mix that works for your school’s audience
  • Determining the ROI of clicks
  • Carefully managing your bids online and your Google and social ads budget
  • Continuously testing and tweaking Calls to Action and ad copy on landing pages for an optimized conversion rate
  • Receiving monthly and yearly reports to track and measure progress

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