Content strategy and development

Know what to say and when to say it

Ensuring return visitor to your website means you need to provide a valuable experience every time they visit. Although there are certain cornerstone content pages on your website your visitors will engage with different types of content during different stages of the student lifecycle and decision-making process.

How we can help

  1. Define and create the required analytics tools to assist in benchmarking against local and global competitors
  2. Create persona profiles to help you understand the content that each unique visitor type will look for and enjoy
  3. Build a content map to ease the implementation of a personalised content strategy
  1. Implement an easy to use content calendar, approval process and metrics to help you identify top-performing content
  2. Continuously review your online content, including website pages, blog posts, images, videos, newsletters, press releases, and related documents and downloads
  3. Make the experience valuable to each type of visitor and ensure you have clear call-to-actions implemented to assist with education lead generation efforts

  1. Writing good content is only the first step in a good content marketing strategy, without a good distribution and syndication strategy all your efforts might go bust
  2. Repackage your best content in the form of webinars, whitepapers, infographics and new blog posts
  3. Engage and interact with your community and track the success of your campaigns with our student relationship management solutions