Inbound marketing assists private education providers get discovered online and make authentic connections with prospective students without resorting to outdated, interruptive, self-promotional sales tactics. Inbound is based on the simple (and proven) premise that personalized messaging, tailored to the aspirations, interests, and concerns of your audiences will build rapport, a shared sense of values, and the trust needed to inspire inquiry.

Private colleges use customised inbound marketing strategies to reach and recruit students both locally and overseas. Leveraging a combination of SEO, social publishing, customized content, targeted email nurturing, and analytics, educational institutions improve their visibility in search results, engage with target audiences in meaningful and persuasive ways, and drive traffic back to their websites.

Key Solutions

Key tools utilised include:

  1. Local search
  2. On-page search engine optimisation
  3. Keyword research
  4. Analytics and reporting
  5. Social media monitoring
  6. Monthly newsletters
  7. Press releases
  8. Content marketing and creation

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