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Introducing the TAMI Career Guidance solution. Go beyond the usual aptitude tests and look at an individual’s full potential.

The TAMI Career Guidance solution offered by Student Experience Management is based on objective, validated research from top global institutions compiled over the last 60 years, integrating fields as diverse as fields of psychology, neuroscience, ethnology, cultural anthropology, sociology and economics, organisational theory and organisational behaviour amongst others. The result: a multidisciplinary solution that is unmatched in the career guidance landscape.

The TAMI Career Guidance solution scientifically integrates the extensive knowledge base with proprietary algorithms to scientifically match individuals based on the skills, characteristics, capabilities and faculties that predict performance to the unique tasks, performance criteria and success factors required in different careers.

Prospective Students

Students starting their journey. This could include prospective students, existing students or even scholars attending Open Days.

Professionals considering a career change

Part-time students or students attending short-courses or management training programmes.

  1. TAMI is multidisciplinary drawing on diverse fields of human behavioural sciences. It has the world’s most comprehensive ‘integrated task database’.
  2. The technology is capable of understanding, layering and adapting a complex matrix of data and simplifying it in a way that humans can understand and work with.
  3. Skill sets are minutely and scientifically matched with jobs maximising the probability of success.
  1. Overall Recommendation Score: An integrated outcome that narrows the career options to an ideal choice.
  2. Skills Score: Directly measures natural skills, relating them to jobs and tasks to which the individual will be more suited – and will find easier to perform.
  3. Interest Score: Directly measures an individual’s career interests.
  4. Opportunities Indicator: Directly measures the real-world opportunities that each career prospect represents.
  1. An online questionnaire is completed, lasting between  90 and 120 minutes.
  2. An individual profile is generated, covering skills, competencies, ‘task interest’, and performance potential.
  3. These are matched with viable career options – and the necessary training required for success is suggested. Student Experience Management will also note strengths, as well as areas for improvement.


  1. Guides Subject Selection: Based on each individual’s profile report, a field of focus should become clear. Areas where extra tuition is required will also be identified.
  2. Suggests Secondary and Tertiary Studies: Each report also tracks the courses and knowledge required for ultimate career success.
  3. Improves graduate employability: The profiles of those nearing the end of school can be analysed to optimise potential. Additional courses and further studies will be recommended.
  4. Aides decision making: Students often feel pressured to ‘make a decision’ – one not always aligned to their dreams, natural aptitude and gut feel. Student Experience Management helps steer the conversation.

The TAMI Career Guidance Solution offers parents and academic sponsors a scientific resource.  It’s explicitly designed for those in secondary schooling, matching students’ preferences, competencies, and life goals with suitable career paths.

Our solution assists with:

  1. Career Prioritisation: Ranks a shortlist of career options from most suitable to least suitable.
  2. Career Elimination: Confidently removes less than ideal career options, based on a composite scoring system.
  3. Eliminates unconscious bias: An algorithm can’t play favourites, or insist on a presupposed career path – so there are no false positives. Just great science!
  1. Web-based: The TAMI Career Guidance solution is web-based and can be deployed anywhere on any device.
  2. Branded: The portal, questionnaires and reports can be white labelled with your logo.
  3. Provides Certainty: The solution is powerfully predictive with an accuracy of 95% in candidate recommendations.
  4. International: Technology hasn't just made it easier to find the ideal career or course, it has also made it easier for institutions to afford international applicants access to career guidance and admissions tests.
  5. Automated: TAMI is automated, reducing time and costs associated to student recruitment. Career Guidance- and education sales teams can substantially increase time spent on student recruitment- and retention initiatives.

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