Proudly Supporting Nursing Education Institutions

Having now assisted many new and existing Private Nursing Education Institutions (PNEIs) to navigate the treacherous waters of Registration and Accreditation in the South African Higher Education regulatory sphere, we have decided to revise and expand our offering to align with the needs of PNEIs specifically.

We realised that the needs of other Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs), serving sectors that have long been regulated by the likes of the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), are very different as they are already aware of, and accustomed to, the regulatory criteria that governs this area of education in South Africa.

PNEIs, on the other hand, have no prior experience of these matters and need a more customised end-to-end consultation solution to not only deal with the administrative rigors associated with accreditation and registration with the various regulators but also to ensure that their institutions become and remain compliant.

Accreditation Support Services

The Student Experience Management Team is, therefore, proud to announce that its offering now includes the following:

  • First-Time Accreditation and Registration Application Support: End-to-end support throughout all steps of the registration and accreditation processes
  • Development of an Institutional Quality Management System (QMS) with supporting policies and process documentation
  • Set-up of an effective Academic Governance Structure
  • Accreditation-readiness audits
  • Development of representations following the first-phase of CHE application evaluations
  • Curriculum Development
  • Study Material Development
  • Acquisition of a suitable Learner Management System (LMS) and other technologies
  • Acquisition of an appropriate IT infrastructure
  • Organizational restructuring and management consultation

Where to from here?

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