Academic Governance Structures

Setup of an effective academic governance structure

An effective Academic Governance Structure ensures pro-active management and avoidance of institutional risks typically faced by private providers of education, training and development.

By ensuring the necessary boards and sub-committees are functioning correctly, and with proper maintenance of policies, operational procedures and manuals, academic institutions can improve productivity, stakeholder insight and improve profitability.

How we can help

The Student Experience Management team can assist providers with the delivery and set-up of an effective Academic Governance Structures. This includes the planning, alignment and implementation of all required structures for the effective functioning of Academic and Operational bodies and committees.

The Student Experience Management team will conduct a one (1) day Institutional Audit and after completing a comprehensive Audit Report will assist with the implementation by means of a Workshop with the relevant stakeholders.

  1. Institutional Audit
  2. 1 Day Workshop
  3. All documents related to the structure and its implementation
  4. Attendance of first round of governing body meetings

The support team can also provide ongoing support and audits of existing Academic Governance Structures.

This solution is ideal for:

  1. Emerging providers wanting to establish an effective Academic Governance Structure from day one;
  2. Established providers wanting to enhance the functioning of existing Academic Governance Structures or;
  3. Established providers wanting to establish or re-establish certain Academic Governance functions after staff-turnover or institutional realignment