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Whether you are studying for pleasure, to further your career, to increase your knowledge of a subject, to acquire new skills, or to gain a qualification, we hope that you will take advantage of the study skills support we offer at Student Experience Management. Reviewing and developing your study skills will not only boost your confidence and help you succeed but will also enable you to work more effectively in the time available to you for study.

Developing and improving study skills is a gradual and long-term process. It is also an individual process. If you are new to higher education or have not studied for some time, you may feel worried about tackling your first assignment; taking an exam; or juggling study, family, and work commitments. If you are part- way through a course, or are progressing to a new course, you may feel that it would be useful to brush up your note-taking or writing skills, to acquire some tips on spelling or grammar, or to acquire and practise presentation skills. Whatever your study skills needs, we hope that you will find the support and guidance we provide helpfully and that you will enjoy the opportunity to get to know and work with students with similar goals and concerns.

What does it cover?

Overview of the Study Skills Programme

The Study Skills Programme provides guidance across the range of study skills needed at undergraduate level including:

  1. Managing your time and developing learning strategies
  2. Reading academic texts critically and effectively
  3. Taking notes in lectures and from hard or electronic copy
  4. Planning and writing essays and reports
  5. Constructing and presenting bibliographies and references
  6. Developing an academic writing style
  7. Improving spelling and grammar
  8. Preparing and delivering presentations
  9. Revising and sitting examinations

Who is it for?

High-school students often struggle with the workload of senior phase studies in high-school. Student Experience Management offers a hands-on, fun and interactive way of building this core skill set during high-school to effectively manage the rigors of balancing life and school and enhancing essential skills before reaching Grade 12.

Managing the workload and coping with assessments and exams can be a challenge for new Grade 12 learners. Often they feel a little out of their depth and didn’t anticipate the escalation in workload or having to work independently during extended study breaks and holidays during this important last year of high-school. Student Experience Management offers a “crash-course” and ongoing resources that assist matriculants in stepping up to the plate and hitting a home run!

Many matriculants decide to take a gap year in order to gain a better understanding of their planned careers (or might feel a bit overwhelmed in making a decision). Some candidates travel, take part-time jobs or take a break to enjoy a year or unschooling. Student Experience Management can help with gaining some direction with our world-class Career Guidance Solutions and can offer a productive use of free time in preparation of planned studies.

Working professionals could face years in-between the last time they had to study (or even prepare for required assessments in the workplace). Numerous working professionals might be looking for avenues for promotion or might be considering a career change. Student Experience Management can assist by providing science-backed Career Guidance offerings as well as a kick-starter programme in developing and sharpening up those essential study skills before embarking on tertiary or post-graduate studies.

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