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OASA is proud to announce; that In terms of Section 23 of the Policy and Criteria for Recognising a Professional Body and Registering a Professional Designation for the Purposes of the National Qualifications Framework Act, Act 67 of 2008. OASA has been recognised through SAQA as the Professional Body, mandated to manage the affairs of Ocularistry, for a second five-year term ending October 2022. At the same time, the designation of an Ocularist was registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

Learn more about the OASA Online Assessment required for the Training Application.

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Introducing the OASA Online Assessment

Scientifically match an applicant to the Ocularist career path

What is TAMI?

The Ocularist Association of South Africa goes beyond the usual aptitude tests, and looks at an individual’s full potential. The TAMI solution identifies suitably qualified candidates for those who are just starting their journey as future Ocularists – or for those who are considering a change in direction.

OASA utilises AI driven technology to scientifically and automatically match an individuals skill set to the Ocularist career path and takes into account the ‘softer’ skills – like personal interests and ‘grit’.

Unlike standard tests, TAMI widens its calibrations in order to narrow the career focus.

How does it work?

  1. An online questionnaire is completed, lasting between 90 and 120 minutes.
  2. An individual profile is generated, covering skills, competencies, ‘task interest’, and performance potential. These are matched with viable career options – and the necessary training required for success is suggested.

The TAMI technology offered by the Ocularist Association of South Africa is designed for those requiring subject choice guidance, as well as those nearing the end of their schooling who need specific input on extra tuition, further studies, and career options.

Benefits of the OASA Online Assessment

  1. Guided selection: Based on each individual’s profile report, a field of focus should become clear. Areas where extra tuition is required, will also be identified.
  2. Suggested secondary and tertiary studies: Each report also tracks the courses and knowledge required for ultimate career success.
  3. Utilise a truly scientific resource: Match an applicants’ preferences, competencies, and life goals with the Ocularist career path.
  4. Eliminate unconscious bias: An algorithm can’t play favourites, or insist on a presupposed career path – so there are no false positives. Just great science!

Why Choose the OASA Assessment

The OASA Online Assessment identifies the best career opportunities with a 95% accuracy rate. The assessment also identifies areas for improvement inclusive of numeracy and literacy skills and provides a wealth of information pertaining to career suitability and recommended career paths. This assessment provides an indication of a variety of career opportunities ideally suited to your individual strengths and competencies and can thus be used in any formal recruitment process and future job applications to give you the competitive edge!

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  • OASA Online Assessment and Report

    Conduct a comprehensive online career guidance assessment and receive your personalized report aligned to the Ocularist career path. This report is a requirement of the OASA Training Application.

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Learn more about the OASA Professional Designate Programme

The OASA Professional Designate Programme is designed to allow candidates to develop the necessary skills, proficiencies, and knowledge to meet the professional requirements of the Ocularist Profession (SAQA ID 436).